When it comes to Legacy System Migration, its of vital importance to organizations and enterprises to build a system that is capable of flexibility in order to adapt to changes. The last thing that an enterprise wants is for the new system of today to become tomorrow’s legacy.

Low-Code platforms have the ability to empower an enterprise to employ a modern architecture that provides agility by leveraging micro services. What enterprises need is to adopt a platform that allows for easy development of autonomous applications and services that can be recombined and shared, while also having the ability to facilitate fast, frequent change cycles so as to allow the system to evolve to meet all new business needs. What is most critical for enterprises is to take full advantage of a future-proof platform, to make sure they are not building apps which might become unmaintainable.

What enterprises mainly need to do is to enable developers to rapidly take advantage of best of breed modern tech stacks to provide high level of flexibility that will be fully documented and visually constructed.

One of the core challenges that legacy system face is their ability to fail while dealing with performance at scale. What enterprises need is to adopt a low code platform that can ensure that the new solution that will be deployed will come with required resiliency and high availability for mission critical use. A low code platform with cloud-native architecture will enable automatic failover for continuous working of critical applications.

Due to the sheer size and complexity of most legacy migration solutions, there is often oversight towards the quality of the app. What enterprises need is to use a low code platform that will allow them to embed automated quality, testing and performance monitoring during the development lifecycle itself.

Low Code development also allows enterprises to take a more user-centric and design thinking approach. This approach will allow enterprises to ascertain deeper understanding of the end users as well as business context, thus help them in closing obvious and not so obvious shark fun run process gaps that exist within the current legacy systems. This methodology also allows enterprises to delivery an end to end solution that drives substantial productivity gains.

This deep level of understanding will also enterprises to incorporate new capabilities that weren’t available in the old legacy systems as well as help them identify redundant and unused features and functionalities. This level of understanding and new age adaptability will enable enterprises to deliver a more user focused offering with world class and simplistic user experience.

At Studio Fintech, a venture of Systango, we have been utilizing this approach to aid and assist some of the leading enterprises with their legacy system migration process. With a team of over 200 highly talented and exceptional individuals, we not only utilize the latest in low code technologies, but also provide our expert end user focused engineering approach to make the entire process extremely seamless, cost effective and with assured gains in productivity.

Contact us today to know more about legacy system migration and low code application development platforms and why your enterprise might be needing them to increase your productivity and performance.

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